Becker Mining Systems is a global leader in designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining communication solutions for the mining industry. Our systems are designed to enhance productivity and safety in the underground and surface mining environment.

We design, engineer and manufacture equipment on three continents suppling solutions for the worlds harshest environments

Becker Mining Systems have been designing, installing and maintaining custom solutions for the mining industry for 25 years. Using the latest technology, our team of engineers and specialist technicians create tailored solutions to your specific communication needs.

Digital and Analogue Radio

With extensive industry experience, Becker provides VHF and UHF two way radio solutions for surface and underground coal and metalliferous mines. We have an array of solutions available including our innovative I.S UHF leaky Feeder system which is the only approved two way radio system for underground coal mines in Queensland and New South Wales.

Other radio solutions include:

Extensive range of digital and analogue radio equipment
Voice and Data solutions
Radio network Design
surface Repeaters
Microwave Links

Wi-Fi Solution

Becker Mining Systems has a certified range of WLAN products that can meet the needs of the modern mine, This infrastructure ensures wireless coverage for client devices, extending the existing wired (fibre) network and providing wireless network connection.

Wireless infrastructure makes it possible to transfer high bandwidth data to and from mobile devices and machines creating new opportunities for productivity and safety enhancement and by using a widely accepted standard it is ensured that devices of different vendors can be combined.

The WRAP-200 series can be used to extend the existing fibre optical network into other areas of the mine while additionally maintaining a Group 1 Ethernet network that can maintain service for up to 10 hours. There is no need to run more fibres to the surface, because each WRAP-200 series provides an integrated managed fibre switch.


Besides established communications solutions like fixed phones and two-way radios, mobile Voice over IP (VoIP) telephones can be used. In contrast to fixed phones, it is possible to move around while having a conversation.

Some of our most recent technologies include:

  • smartcom Leaky Feeder communication.
  • smartblast Remote firing device.
  • smartcom ethernet TCP/IP over Leaky Feeder.

Featured Product: smartblast

smartblast works in conjunction with a mine's Leaky Feeder system to safely provide full, two-way blast control for underground and surface applications.

If your operation already has a Leaky Feeder system you will measure your payback in weeks, not months with smartblast